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Welcome to my Blog!

Hey there, I'm Dorothy Lyons, a registered dietitian dedicated to guiding you through life with celiac disease. Here, you'll find expert tips, delicious gluten-free recipes, and the latest research to help you thrive.

Let’s make living gluten-free easy and enjoyable, one bite at a time!

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Hi! I'm Dorothy Lyons, RD

I'm a Registered Dietitian, health coach and mother of two based in Ontario, Canada. I support families' health and wellness through a safe and nutritious gluten-free diet. With 12+ years of clinical work experience and personally living with Celiac Disease, I provide holistic support to my clients. 

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Dorothy Lyons, a registered dietitian, sits casually on a kitchen countertop, wearing a neutral-colored outfit. She smiles warmly, radiating a friendly and approachable energy in the cozy kitchen setting
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